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With so many options to save your business from losses, be one of the first to own the system that will bring back customers and increase demand in no time!

list down menu

List Down your Food Menu,
Products or Services online

order solution

Provide your customers with
a quick solution to order.

track customers

Keep track of all your
interactions with App/Web

no Accounting

No Accounting Needed at all
Reports are one click away!

auto print

Auto-print Coming orders
No efforts ... No leads lost

integrated pointofsale

Smart Integrated Desktop
Point of Sale with system

Watch Video for All features

This video will give you full details on what to expect out of this solutions, Enjoy Watching!

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Do You Own a Shop,
Restaurant or a Cafe?
We have the optimum solution for you to provide your customer with a link and a mobile app (andoid & IOS) to Order product/food from your Shop/Resturant/Cafe with very Easy Steps.

App for Orders

The app for your Customers to order from your menu


Public Link

Faster Order directly from a weblink for one time customers


Admin Mobile App

An App to manage your menu content and offers on the go!


Desktop App

A desktop App to easily manage all the Business you own

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We provide a quick offer to the full package (Android+IOS Apss / Admin App / Web link / Automatic Order Printer). so you can lead your business to the top and increase your customers when you and they use the quality you deserve.
It is better to see with your eyes

End-user App Screenshots

With a simple elegant high quality interface, your customers will love to stuck with you.
You Got Full Controlwith the admin tools.
Besides the End-Customer App, you will get an app to manage all aspects of your product or service, And to view deep statistics and situation details. You can Edit product Name, Photo, Price, on sale, description and a lot more!

Manage Items

Full Statistics

Live Numbers

Don't Hesitate




Yes, we will publish your purchased Android and IOS app in google play store and app store. But you need to consider that it will take a time until the apps are approved for to be published and appear publicly in those app stores.

We do not take any responsibility for the delay in the approval process from those app store. Any how don’t get hesitated you will get the Weblink with the same App features in no time!

The Admin mobile Application and desktop software will provide some reports that will help you understand your customers behavior or intrests and your sales performance.

The Reports are: Number of App or Link Visitors, Daily/Weakly/Monthly Sales, Wich hours or days are higher visited, Product views, Stock Statuse, Profit & Loss… and much more that you can print or download as PDF

Yes! We proivde a Section in the Admin Mobile App or Desktop software, where you can put time to automatically open the possibility for your customers to order, and to close it after business hours.

You can also manually control it to open or close the order time when ever you like!

The Consumer App or Web link will not completely close for customers, they will still be able to see products, but they will not be able to order while in Shop closing statues.

Unforsionatly we do not provide marketing service for your app for now, After you purchase the App and start using it you will need to published on social media or your listed customers and keep growing your fan base.

We will make sure to give you the quality Mobile-App/Web-app that will make your customers stick to your shop and keep order from you, once you introduce the service to them.

We are Developing the Apps continuasly, and as you will be contracted for yearly maintenance and server use, you will get all upgrades and updates according to the contract

No words can desicribe quality. Only actions does!
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